The lipstick that defined a generation

Heather Shimmer – that’s the lipstick that defined my generation. Over conversation today discussing popular shades of lipstick, I remembered the lipstick that I and all my friends wore at school. In the days before Kate Moss, Rimmel must have made an absolute fortune on that one product. A quick google reveals that they are still selling it; does that mean that generation after generation of teenage girls are venturing into the world of make-up via the same nude/peachy-beige shimmer finish lipstick? Somehow I suppose that’s quite nice. So much has changed now and it seems like teenagers are so much more savvy and advanced than we were back in the 90s, but in actual fact, it turns out that the pull of a nude lipstick units women!

It’s actually a different lipstick though that I’d like to direct you to with this blog post. I promised a review of the new Avon ‘Perfectly Matte’ lipsticks, which have been tested in a lab against Mac’s popular matte lipsticks and were qualified as ‘more matte than Mac’. Perhaps some won’t know what Mac is (I’m thinking of my Mum here now, who quite possibly doesn’t). Well Mac is a premium make-up brand with some great products and prices to match. In fact prior to ill health, I was a big fan, but now I have Avon with its great prices and lovely products all from the comfort of my home. Well back to the point and Mac’s matte lipsticks costs £15.50 according to their website (on the 13 November 2015 to be specific). I can testify that Mac does make a great lipstick, but that really is a lot of money to pay for a lipstick and do you know what, after testing the Avon product in several shades now, I can honestly say that i’m placing my own order for several shades.

The Avon matte lipstick costs just £5.50 at the moment – the usual price will be £8.00 – so you should let me know if you’d like to order at this price before the 19 February, since the price might go up to £8.oo in the next brochure release, which is launched on that day – but they are really lovely lipsticks. The formulation is soft enough and goes on so smoothly that you can get away with putting it on when you’ve got dry lips and it actually feels soothing. The bright colours have a very good staying power and are surprisngly flattering. I have never really got on with bright or dark lipsticks; obviously some sort of arrested development where I got stuck on the almost nude shades of countless lipsticks similar to Heather Shimmer, but one of the lipsticks I’m going to order is ‘Peach Flatters’. It’s a lovely mixture of coral, pink, red and nude tones and is so flattering that even with no other make-up on, it still looks great. For the days when only a great nude lipstick will do ‘Au Naturale’ is a peach based nude that gives just a hint of colour to your lips, but helps them to look beautifully sculpted, whilst still natural.

There are 15 fantastic colours to choose from, including some very wearable red tones if you want to make sure that you are up-to-date and ‘on trend’. I think red lipstick is always on trend though, so you can be certain that if you buy red now, you’ll still be able to wear it, as the year goes on. I tried ‘Ruby Kiss’ which is a pink based red and whilst I think I needed a little make-up on the rest of my face to balance the look, I felt very comfortable wearing it. ‘Red Supreme’ is another classic red shade, this time with more of a pure red undertone.

I could go on and on since all the shades look great up close because I genuinely love these lipsticks! They’re great quality, lovely range of colours with something to suit everyone and all at a fantastically great value price. What’s not to love?

Until next time, Joey xx

Ps. For readers of this blog, if you’d like to order a ‘Perfectly Matte Lipstick’ for yourself, you need to check out pages 4-5 of the current brochure (campaign 5 2016). You can find the brochure by following the link – the new website goes live on tomorrow – so when you get to the website, you can view the products on the store front or you will find a copy of the brochure to browse. If you quote ‘edsgirlblog’ when you place the order or if you contact me directly to place the order for you and quote the same code, you’ll receive an additional sample size lipstick for every full size product you order. Happy shopping, Joey xx


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