Painsomnia is not sleeping owing to pain. My very good friend who happens to also have EDS has blogged at length about painsomnia and the impact that it’s had on her life. After subluxing – code for ‘putting out’ both my shoulders in the space of three days, adeed to the ongoing severe pain that my internal organs are already giving me, I felt the need to add my voice to hers.

It’s hard to imagine for people who don’t suffer with chronic illness what it is like to live with constant, grinding pain – often in multiple locations – inside your body. Of course everyone has experienced pain and often severe pain,but imagining having that pain, all the time, every single day is just not possible. Constant pain impacts every aspect of your life – your ability to thing, your appetite, your ability to move around and yes your ability to sleep,which increases the impact still further of the constant pain. Once you have constant pain and you can’t sleeep, you have Painsomnia!

You know what though, I want to look on the positives and last night’s painsomnia, which saw me crashing at first due to the previosu night’s lack of sleep, but then waking up in the wee small hours, with so prospect of getting back to sleep, enabled me to do three things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. Firstly, I was able to catch up on some work – my avon shop has just gone live ( but owing to so many people desperate to work on their stores yesterday, it was difficult to access the back engine of the website properly but now that’s all solved, I was able to make the updates that I needed. Secondly, I was awake when my friend in Dubai completed her half marathon in aid of ‘my’ charity – EDS Support UK – and thiridly and just brilliantly, it’s enabled me to be awake when my wonderful husband landed in the country so I could answer his initial messages.

Painsominia is terrible, but just occasionally there are positives to not sleeping. I’m ready to enjoy the next few days with hubby and I’ll carry on fighting painsomnia 🙂 x


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